Lazarus Naturals commissioned a dog and cat illustration for their packaging. My line drawing infused life and personality into the requested composition while maintaining the look/feel of the brand.​​​​​​​
music cred: Vexento "Escape"
A series of four illustrations—initially stills for a brochure—promotes a teachers’ endowment at Horizon Christian Schools. The sequence shows the endowment freeing a teacher from her financial constraints to fully participate in the life and mission of the school.

Lazarus Naturals had already narrowed down three line illustrations for their CBD dog treats when I was asked to rework the illustrations with consistent style and weight. I adjusted the features and rendering of each illustration to achieve  a cohesive effect.

A prototype for a building facade was needed to pitch a new Ace Hardware store location in Tigard, Oregon. The architectural drawing imposed my client's vision for the new storefront over the structural features of the prospective location.

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